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Updated: May 5

via St Soliel

I’ve been following the evening routines of wellness influencers and a sparkly little trend has caught my eye: what’s with all the crystals??

Seriously, these women are waving selenite wands over their bodies, meditating on amethyst mats and decorating their bedside tables with protective stones (don’t believe me? Look at Melissa Wood-Tepperberg or Amanda Chantal Bacon’s evening routines).

As an insomniac open to ANYTHING, I thought: what’s the harm in test-driving some crystals, right? (I can hear my sleep doctor rolling his eyes…). I’m starting the new year on an elimination diet and I’m allowed exactly ZERO coffees this month. It’s a desperate situation. In other words: GIVE ME THE DAMN ROCKS. 

So did crystal therapy help my insomnia? I’ll get to my review in a moment but first let’s delve into the best crystals to soothe your nervous system and promote deep sleep (and bonus: which one dispels negative energy that your ex left around your bedroom!).

What are crystals and how do they “work”?

Crystals are solids made from minerals that form in the earth’s surface and they have been used in spiritual practice, shamanic rituals and healing processes for thousands of years.

Let’s state the obvious right now: there isn’t any scientific evidence to support the use of crystals for sleep and anxiety. However, there ARE a lot of believers out there. 

Crystals absorb and reflect light and the wavelengths they reflect are said to emit a frequency or “vibration”. Energy healers say these vibrations can positively interact with your body’s energy field, opening different “chakras” and creating various emotional and physical responses in us.

What are the best crystals for sleep and anxiety?

Harnessing my journalism training (and putting aside a bit of skepticism), I spoke with experts to get the lowdown on the five stones you may want to give a whirl if you’re struggling with sleep and stress. 

  1. Moonstone Well duh, right? Given its name, this one’s kind of a no-brainer for insomniacs. Moonstone is believed to bring peace during turbulent times of change. If you can’t sleep after a breakup or recent job loss for example…this is your stone. This opalescent little mineral is believed to help you regulate your emotions, promote harmony and enter a deep dream state. Some ancient believers claim that moonstone is so powerful that the stones possess a touch of magic! ✨

  2. Selenite Selenite is so “high vibe” that it’s the only crystal that doesn’t require “cleansing”. Some even consider it THE most important tool in an energy worker’s toolkit. This baby removes energy blockages, so it’s great for anyone holding onto tension or worries from the past (rumination is a big issue for many who struggle to sleep).

  3. Howlite Anyone who tosses and turns knows how frustrating it can be. How about a stone that replaces anger with peaceful acceptance? If there’s something you’re carrying anger about that’s interrupting your shut eye and causing anxiety, howlite might be your go-to. This grayish-black stone is THE crystal for patience and calm.

  4. Amethyst Used for centuries by shamans, this electric purple quartz is a favourite in the wellness community. When placed on the skin, it’s said to emit negative ions, which in turn could affect your nervous system. Plus IT’S SO JUST PRETTY.  But I digress…is mental chatter keeping you awake? Amethyst is all about the “crown chakra” which revolves around transformation, so it works at easing emotional distress. Some even call it a natural tranquilizer, with its calming and protective energies. Just be warned: energy healers say it may increase your chance of experiencing lucid dreams or psychic visions.

  5. Rose Quartz If you’ve been having vivid, sleep-disturbing nightmares—rose quartz may be your girl. Said to open the heart chakra for self-love (and love of others), it purifies the heart from stress and sadness…making it easier to slip into sweet dreams. It aids in making decisions from a calm state of mind, with its ability to cut through tension and promote spiritual bliss.

How should you use crystals for sleep and relaxation?

There’s so many ways to incorporate crystals into your evening routine:

Pop them into your evening bath (make sure it isn’t a porous stone, like selenite, or it will get damaged. Rose quartz works great!)

Incorporate them into your meditation routine, aligning them with your chakras

Place them under your pillow or mattress (did you know you can even get ‘biocrystal’ pillows with crystals embedded in them? Here and here)

Keep them by the bedside

Splurge on an amethyst biomat for soothing negative ion therapy and far infrared rays

My experience using crystals for sleep

In the name of research, and trying to stay open-minded, I popped over to my local mystic shop. They say you have to let a crystal “speak” to you and I must’ve spent an hour combing through the wondrously sparkly geodes under the spell of wafting patchouli and sage.

I landed on a small selenite ‘wand.’ Since I’m holding onto a lot of tension, this seemed like the Rolls Royce of the crystal world by all accounts.

For a few nights, I placed it on my ‘third eye’ while reading (wedged between my blue-light blocking glasses and my forehead…secret single behavior much?). I then placed it on my nightstand like the other wellness girlies do.

Did I feel ‘unblocked’? Did my worries melt away? Well it’s hard to say.

As I implement better ‘sleep hygiene,’ I’m seeing subtle improvements in my shut-eye regardless. But  never forget the placebo-effect…If you think something is working for you, it kinda will. So for someone who holds in their heart a belief that crystals have healing powers, are likely to get anti-anxiety benefits from using them.

As for me, I see no harm in keeping this beautiful little wand by my bedside and hey, hopefully soaking in some high vibes as I snooze.

So tell me, have you ever felt the effect of crystals? What alternative health methods have actually worked to soothe your nerves?

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