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Updated: May 5

Text that reads "Steal her Wind-down: Melissa Wood-Tepperberg" with a woman on a bed surrounded by books and candles on a pink background
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Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is a force in the wellness space: founder of a wildly successful lifestyle platform, Melissa Wood Health, and creator of the eponymous “MWH Method,” her mantra is “change your habits, change your life.”

With her toned limbs, impossibly thick brown hair and perma-tan, she certainly looks the glowy picture of health. So what habits, exactly, allow her to run an empire, be a mom and pull off those abs?

I feel compelled to investigate…

As a woman with insomnia issues, I am OBSESSED with the rituals, habits and tools women like her use to wind-down and sleep deeply. Afterall, how the hell else can she do it all?

“Savoring and really prioritizing my sleep is the most important thing in my life, especially as I get older,” she says. “Now more than ever, it is the most important thing.”

I’m digging into Melissa’s wind-down evening rituals to give you a little inspo for your own bedtime routine.

Set the scene At 7pm, Melissa makes a major effort to “lower the vibe” when she puts her kiddies to bed. This means dimming all the lights in her house and putting on soothing music. “My energy is almost peaked at night from the adrenaline of what I’m working on in the day,” she says, “so I have to bring myself down.” She also has a no-screens policy: going so far as to place her phone up high on a dresser! 

Take a warm soak “I almost always have a warm shower or a bath, because it helps lower cortisol and puts me in a state of rest and digest,” she says. Once a week, Melissa lights an Instant Karma Snif candle, fills her tub with Epsom salts, and throws in a Highline Wellness CBD Bath Bomb ($35 USD). 

Habit stack while you relax This woman likes to double up on her good habits! While she’s in the tub, she pops on a Rael sheet mask ($15.99 USD), sips Sakara Detox tea ($20 USD) and indulges in a couple of pieces of HU Chocolate. All the while she plays a guided meditation. “It’s so relaxing.” she says, “it only lasts 15 minutes or so, but that’s really all you need to feel like a new person.”

Legs up the wall Melissa swears by propping her legs up the wall to drain inflammation from the day, reduce swelling in her ankles and feet and increase circulation. “I love inversions,” she says. “Just watch how naturally your body just wants to melt into the bed.” And back to that habit stacking thing: she often does this while reading a book!

Lights out, white noise ON

After a drop of Highline Wellness CBD Night Oil  ($40 USD)—or Mind Body Green Sleep Support ($60 USD) when she wants to go melatonin-free—she curls into bed with her journal to offload. “I love to journal,” she says, “writing has become a major release in my life.”Then she hits play on her Snooz White Noise Sound Machine ($79.99 USD) and drifts off (my take? you don't need a fancy schmancy white noise machine: check out my blog on why and how to use white noise for sleep with free links).

What’s on her bedside?

You’ll find a copy of A Course in Miracles which she says she has been referring to for over a decade because it “brings me back to myself and shifts my perspective in a matter of minutes.”

Also on her night stand? A selenite crystal to keep her “feeling grounded” very Amanda Chantal Bacon! I'm declaring this bedtime selenite wand as officially a "thing." She aims for 7-8 hours of shut eye and notices that when she cuts corners on her wind-down ritual, she regrets it: “When I don’t stick to these things, I feel different,” she says “If your sleep is off, everything is off.”


So tell me, what about Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s evening routine inspires you? Will you be incorporating her legs up the wall bedtime technique–or is a selenite crystal more your vibe? ;)

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Design the evening routine of your dreams...I’ve taken inspiration from wellness girlies like Melissa and compiled 40 wind-down ideas + a free planner so you can prioritize self-care tonight. Click here.


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