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Updated: May 5

brunette woman in a white top and sweat pants holding a journal with the text "my go-to journal prompts for a sunday reset"
me + my daily habit

Sunday scaries are no joke.

In my corporate burnout era, I’d literally sweat just imagining opening my laptop in the morning.

I struggled to eat dinner as the adrenaline ramped up with every hour that ticked on. I’d put off bedtime, let Netflix roll and drag out whatever was left of the weekend.

There’s never enough time when there’s too much on your plate or when you’re in a job where you can’t catch your breath.

Long story short: I eventually quit. No job is worth that.

BUT if it wasn’t for that dark period, I don’t know that journaling would have ever become a consistent practice for me. 

I reached for journaling in a time when I needed to piece my world back together and find chaos in a storm. It makes me a bit teary to type that…but it’s true! 

And now it’s a practice that I affectionately refer to as “emotional maintenance.”

It helps me get ahead of stress, organize my thoughts and feel like I’m getting some control over my week.

If journaling daily is too much for you, a Sunday night ritual might be your sweet spot: there’s something special about using this time to set your intentions and start fresh. 

I wanted to drop some of my go-to Sunday reset prompts to inspire you tonight. If you can put aside half an hour for some tea and quiet reflection, you’ll give yourself the gift of a beautiful week ahead.

Choose a few Sunday reset journal prompts that speak to you this evening:

⟡ Checking in: how am I feeling in my body tonight?

⟡ What was the most rewarding part of my week?

⟡ Who or what am I grateful for?

⟡ What drained my energy and how can I avoid this from happening again?

⟡ Where will I focus my energy and intentions for the week ahead?

⟡ What habit will I commit to?

⟡ Where will I apply stronger boundaries?

⟡ Who do I want to spend some time with?

⟡ What would make the week ahead amazing?

I hope you remember to take care of yourself this week, to catch your breath if you feel dysregulated and put aside a bit of “me time” every night to decompress from your day.

So tell me: how do you deal with Sunday scaries?

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